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Access for Trading


You can open a trading account directly with Okachi and communicate with our English, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay-speaking staffs for hearing market information, placing orders, updating account status, and anything else for your trading interest.


Customer Protection System

All customer margin deposits and other assets must now be deposited directly with Japan Securities Clearing Corporation(JSCC) .Simultaneously, FCMs preserves customer's property by separating between the brokerage business and customer's money until the brokerage house deposits to clearing house or pays back to the customer.

In addition, to secure customer assets against losses from the default and insolvency of FCMs, all FCMs are obliged to contribute money to the customer protection fund. If FCM defaults of obligations, a customer can ditectly claim their margin deposit back from JSCC. And also, a preserve property will be paid back to a customer through Costomer Protection Fund.

We provide customers with great flexibility in terms of executing your orders or clearing your positions for Japanese commodity markets by introducing overseas business alliances near you. Just consult with us and we will offer some possibilities and make suggestion depending on your location, your existing account relation with international FCMs, and a type of service you like.

ISV(Independent Software Vendor) TRADING SERVICE

Recently, the usage of electronic trading by the world's commodity exchanges are increasing. Therefore, since August 2004, Okachi Japan has started to offer ISV electronic trading services which provided by Patsystems.

Patsystems is the UK based independent software vendor which develops systems linking exchange (Tokyo Commodity Exchange, TOCOM) through a single screen, which is different from the open outcry market systems.

ISV systems gives domestic traders as well as overseas traders speed and highly efficient access via interface networks to exchange (TOCOM) allowing them to trade from almost any location. It send and receive order and offers real time position monitoring, as well as allowing traders to exchange information with their middle and back office.


  1. Useful in markets which have large open outcry operations such as Chicago and Singapore because it will allow them to trade listed products electronically from the pits.
  2. Speed of orders to the market
  3. rapid up dating of market information
  4. consolidated viewing of full market activities
  5. easy modification of orders